These weren’t TOO hard to find, however, they weren’t as easy as a Google search.

  • woocommerce-error
  • woocommerce-info
  • woocommerce-message

I had two clients this week that wanted me to change the colors for info and message, so I had to make sure I got all of the existing ones. The output actually comes from the three files in woocommerce/templates/notices if you’re wanting to modify the output, as well.

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This helped with fixing the first two errors received when posting:

First error:

Failed posting to your Facebook Timeline. Error: {“message”:”(#100) You haven’t enabled Explicitly Shared for this action type (331247406956072) yet. Please update your Open Graph settings in the App Dashboard”,”type”:”OAuthException”}

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So, I had this problem with a new virtual machine I installed in VMware Fusion where the aspect ratio was locked to 4:3 no matter how much I tried to resize the window. I didn’t understand what was going on since this was the third or fourth VM I had installed. There were a couple other things I had noticed, as well, like I wasn’t able to copy and paste to and from the VM.

I tried Googling and got nothing that helped me at all. I gave up. Yesterday, I was trying share between the VM and my MacBook and it told me that it couldn’t do it because the setup was still running…on a VM that was a few months old. I Googled that error and got an answer right away, had to unmount the floppy and cd drives while the VM was shut down, simple.

Once the VM was back up, I was able to install VMware Tools to do the sharing. Guess what else it fixed? The resizing issue.

So, there it is, if your aspect ration in VMware Fusion is locked and you cannot resize your VM window properly, or if you cannot copy and paste to and from your VM, then you need to install (or reinstall) VMware Tools.


I wish I could say I figured it out myself, however, I didn’t. I needed a solution that allowed me to take an iframe posted in a page (to load external content) and make it responsive, keeping with the mobile-first mindset.

Initially, I started with multiple breakpoints, however, due to the external content is video, there were always black bars either at the top and bottom or sides of the video. Not really the best solution, I wasn’t happy with it, and Google search turned up Chris Coyier’s post on css-tricks. He runs through a bunch of ways to make several different types of media responsive.

Even though the solution for the iframe/video adds an extra div, I’d much rather have that then some heavy JS trying to keep track of what size screen the user is on.


Apparently the link below is no longer valid. This one should suffice 😉

So, my hero today is this guy:

Basically what I was trying to do, and Austin de Coup-Crank was able to describe, was I have a custom post type with a custom taxonomy and I need the permalink to have both included. With his solution is place, this is how things come out:
or, in more real terms

I had been smashing my head against the wall trying to determine how to get this done, and finally Google paid off. There were tons of blogs, posts, support requests, etc that were all about it from several years ago, but no one really narrowed it down to something as simple as this.