I seriously do not post enough, and that stops now. I’m over here daily teaching myself new coding languages, techniques and tricks to enhance my abilities, I really should talk about it.

So, the plate is full, overflowing and slopping onto the floor. Been cramming the cranium with things like Git, Ruby, Sass, along with also getting back to command line and running a lot of these things locally on my MacBook. Those don’t include my recent self teachings of WordPress plugins, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 (whaaaaaat?!). Ya, my head is going to pop at some point, at least I will have gone out with a bang.

Do you stick with what you know? Do you try to mimic or use the new trends out there? Do you try to make the next “hot” item? Honestly, I have no clue. I am trying to figure this all out for my own personal project.

One thing is certain, I am going to use the Twitter Bootstrap for my basic structure. One major reason is the cross browser compatibility that it offers, with its responsive attributes following a close second.

A basic design already exists, it’s simple, clean and gosh darn it, I like it. Now just to finish it up between other items.

The world itself it limitless, there are endless things you can learn on a daily basis, do not let yourself get confined to a box. I say this speaking from experience, as I was confined to a box or boundaries on my designs. Now, I have no limits.

I created the below with inspiration from this YouTube video. I took the basic shape from him, just learning more about working with shapes to make the tools work for you, then I expanded his design with different gradients, reflections, and even added in an additional box. Hope you like it, I do.

After being at a full time job for nearly two years, I am once again back in the job hunting and freelancing game, by my own choice.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge that will help me advance with whatever life throws at me, however, I am still somewhat apprehensive. I do not know what tomorrow holds, it could hold a job offer, a client, or a winning lottery ticket. Regardless, it’s time to abandon hope and just make things happen.

I have already dove in head first into expanding my knowledge of jQuery, along with watching countless Illustrator tutorials. This site, along with Ocala Web Designer will be getting facelifts following the cutting edge of the latest web trends.

That’s all I have right now, time to get crackin’.

I’ve been busy with all kinds of things. One of those things includes a redesign of my site for Ocala Web Designer. It’s not that I didn’t like the last design, it’s just that it wasn’t clean enough to be a site promoting web design.

The new site is sleek, streamlined, and might purty…sorry, couldn’t help throwing that in there. Unfortunately, I didn’t make an IE6 version, though I probably will. It will probably just have a pop up informing the user to upgrade their browser and that the site wont look pretty until they do.

Screen shot below, enjoy: