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Today we have a snippet that can be useful to so many people for different reasons. This one will add a BCC to emails you specify in WooCommerce, and here it is:

The emails you’d like to have the BCC added to are set in the $add_bcc_to array. There are a couple other examples that are already there. 99.9% of the time it’s really easy to get this name from the email settings in WooCommerce. Just go to the email settings for the email you want, then grab everything after _email_ in the address bar. In the below example we want customer_renewal_invoice:


You, of course, need to update your email address, as well.

3 thoughts on “Adding a BCC to emails in WooCommerce

  1. Thanks – Just what I am looking for ! – I am going to try this. Can you advise how would I add 2 BCC emails ?

    ‘Bcc: Me ‘ .”\r\n”,

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