Update: Version 1.6.3 of Memberships now includes a filter so that if you’d like to modify the query, you can. The first gist shows the filter as it is in the code, and the second gist has been updated to use the filter to reorder the posts by title.

Wow, that’s a long title.

So, I came across this issue today and I only saw a somewhat simple, but complex way to fix it. The problem is that when using WooCommerce Memberships, the content in the┬áMy Membership Content page is ordered in the default WordPress order of newest to oldest. After looking through the code, I understood why, but I’m not getting into that.

What I will get into is how to somewhat order this according to what you may need. The gist below contains a function that will edit the query for the posts and order the posts by title (a-z).

More information on how to modify WP_Query would need to be read up on in the WP_query section of the WordPress Codex.

As of right now, and version 1.6.1, it works. It may be updated in the future to be a little more user friendly, though. It has officially been updated to be more user friendly.