So, I’ve been reading a book on object-oriented code for PHP, for the second time. Why the second time? Mainly because the author doesn’t write for the average Joe, he uses many words that are just too large and over descriptive for the point he is trying to get across.

I am, however, further along than I was previously. It’s amazing, I’m on chapter 6 in a book about code, and the author hasn’t asked the reader to do any examples yet. All that’s been given are non-functional examples, it’s no wonder I didn’t make far last time.

Once I finish, though, I plan on rewriting my site in OOP to put my knowledge into real-world application. Just about 150 more chapters to go (not really).

It’s been a week or so since my last post about finalizing my design and all, and now here I am, done (for the most part). The bugs have been worked out, but nothing is flawless, so one will probably creep in somewhere.

Some people have told me that my design is too graphically heavy, and they are somewhat right, but it’s the way I wanted to go. Who knows, in a few months, I may change it up to use more “white space”.  Other people have told me the design looks amazing and quite unique. All I know is I like it.

The HTML and CSS weren’t all the difficult to line up with the PSD I created, it was integrating my HTML and CSS into WordPress and its awkward page creation. I actually should say list (menu) creation, because the content in the page was actually fairly simple. With the lists, I actually had to toss in some JavaScript to get it to add some classes to get my CSS to hook in properly.

Now that the blog is complete, I can get the rest of the site up and running with my résumé, portfolio, etc. I can also focus more on learning more about OOP with PHP.