This is is where I have gone. I am sure it’s only temporary, but it’s still a pain.

I am working for a client whose business is a sign shop. I met with him yesterday and he’s a pretty cool guy, we talked about his likes and dislikes about sites he’s seen on the web. I had shown him a previous site I built that used textures of old paper and the whole thing was rather dark and grungy, he liked it.

I started out in that direction with his site, getting some wood textures, then the ideas just started to flow. Make a sign, add some grass, then some dirt, and throw a rusty pipe in as the menu. And then it happened, I can’t envision how I want to complete the body of the page. I have this truly beautiful (if I do say so myself) head, and no body. Ugh.

Outer Image Inc

It’s been a week or so since my last post about finalizing my design and all, and now here I am, done (for the most part). The bugs have been worked out, but nothing is flawless, so one will probably creep in somewhere.

Some people have told me that my design is too graphically heavy, and they are somewhat right, but it’s the way I wanted to go. Who knows, in a few months, I may change it up to use more “white space”.  Other people have told me the design looks amazing and quite unique. All I know is I like it.

The HTML and CSS weren’t all the difficult to line up with the PSD I created, it was integrating my HTML and CSS into WordPress and its awkward page creation. I actually should say list (menu) creation, because the content in the page was actually fairly simple. With the lists, I actually had to toss in some JavaScript to get it to add some classes to get my CSS to hook in properly.

Now that the blog is complete, I can get the rest of the site up and running with my résumé, portfolio, etc. I can also focus more on learning more about OOP with PHP.

Designing your own site is one of the hardest tasks you can be faced with. Why? Because you’re also the client. You have hundreds of ideas in your head on how you want it to look, not just one. You aren’t designing around a set product like a soda can, you’re designing around a dynamic product, yourself.

By the time you are ready to start slicing up a PSD file to set it up for CSS and HTML, you’ve thought of another direction you’d like to go with the site. What a pain. It becomes an argument in your head on which direction to go.

bubble_thumbFor instance, I have this bright, bubbly site that I’ve already started coding up, however, I want to change it. I am going to have to come up with a couple more designs to get this one out of my head.