Clean & Simple.

It’s kinda what I do.

Who is this guy?!

That’s an easy one, my name is Jesse, I’m a web developer, and I create clean and easy to use websites.

I got into coding while working in a tech support group for a web hosting company. When I started, tools (or lack thereof) were greatly inefficient and just wasted time. I thought, “There has to be a better way.” I picked up a couple books, started learning, then started developing. I created a tool center for myself to be more efficient, before I knew it, my whole team wanted in.

That was over ten years and thousands of lines of code ago, and I still haven’t stopped learning.


What do I do?

Where am I?


Ocala, Brick City, baby!

Being local is not necessarily a big deal when it comes to web development, so don’t get scared. With the advancement of technology, I am only a call or click away. Screen sharing and video calls help us meet half way, just without the drive.

I do understand that in certain instances face-to-face meetings are desired. It gives us the opportunity to interact more and create exactly what you are looking for. For those in the Ocala and North Central Florida area, this is easy. For those outside of the area, click below and we can find a solution.

Contact me, we’ll talk

When can I start?

No time like the present.

Call me to get started  

Why do I do it?


Why not?!

Web development is something that brings together several things I like doing: building stuff, writing code (don’t judge me), learning new things, and making people smile.

If you could do a job that made you happy, wouldn’t you do it?