Web Design

The first rule of Fight Club Web Design is to keep it clean. Whether the design incorporates stunning images or lots of negative space, your users should be able to show up, find what they are looking for and buy/read/share it.

The second and third rules are also big buzz words in the industry: Responsive and Mobile-First. Responsive means your website design will respond to the screen size it’s being viewed on. And Mobile-First means your site design starts with small screens and then adapts to fill larger ones.

These methods bring the best experience for all users and devices.

Web Development

Without a solid foundation, any structure is going to fail. When I develop your website, I will make sure the back end and its functionality are solid before moving to the front end. The code will be solid, clean and manageable.

With a solid foundation, sturdy walls and a sound roof, it’s time for paint, landscaping and ultimate curb appeal; aka, making the front end pretty. I do my best to make sure your website is comfortable, clean and inviting by using the latest techniques for a smooth and intuitive user experience.

They can huff and puff, but they won’t blow this house down.

My main development platform is WordPress, an open-source Content Management System that allows users to manage their content through an easy to use admin panel. I have been working with WordPress for several years and have developed a multitude of custom theme designs for it.


Maybe you don’t need a full website, perhaps you just need some tweaking, additions or fixes. This is where my consulting services come in, and I have a very reasonable rate.

If you are looking for a little bit of direction or training with your website, Photoshop, etc. contact me and we will go from there.

I make sure to never take on any project I cannot handle, and I also do my best to keep my clients fully informed of what is needed and how long it will take to finish.

I don’t like being left in the dark, so why would I do it to you?



Print design is a totally different monster from screen design. This is business cards, vehicle wraps and lettering, standard billboards; all which I have experience with. These are all items that can pass by a customer in a matter of seconds, and if it doesn’t catch their attention, then your message was never conveyed. It takes someone with experience to pull off these items.