Making an iframe responsive

Feb.19.2014 | 02:04 pm

I wish I could say I figured it out myself, however, I didn't. I needed a solution that allowed me to take an iframe posted in a page (to load external content) and make it responsive, keeping with the mobile-first mindset.

Initially, I started with multiple breakpoints, however, due to the external content is video, there were always black bars either at the top and bottom or sides of the video. Not really the best solution, I wasn't happy with it, and Google search turned up Chris Coyier's post on css-tricks. He runs through a bunch of ways to make several d...

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Permalinks for custom post types with custom taxonomy

Feb.18.2014 | 04:18 pm

So, my hero today is this guy:

Basically what I was trying to do, and Austin de Coup-Crank was able to describe, was I have a custom post type with a custom taxonomy and I need the permalink to have both included. With his solution is place, this is how things come out:
or, in more real terms

I had been smashing my head against the wall trying to determine how to get this done, and finally Google paid off. There were tons of blogs, posts, support requests, etc that were all about it from several ...

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Frustration with plugin developers

Feb.10.2014 | 02:19 pm

First, I must say, this is not a comparison post about which plugin is better, it's a post to vent my frustration before my head pops.

I recently signed up for WPMUdev, and the more I look into their support forums, the more I regret my decision for choosing a year subscription. I mainly signed up because I needed a single plugin for a project, Membership. I thought it would be best to go for a full year and I would be able to utilize all the rest of the plugins for other projects, ugh.

So, some of the frustration is my fault, but only for one reason, I assumed that the WPMU team actually made good on their promise of, " that will blow your mind."

Back to the plugin, Membe...

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Cranial overload

Feb.08.2014 | 12:30 pm

In the world of web development, there's just too much out there for someone who wants to learn something new, is a self starter, and likes to learn new things. With new languages and tricks for old ones being developed daily, it is steadily hard to keep up.

But why don't you just learn one at a time, that will make it easier, right?

No, not really. Here is the problem:

  • Client A wants web tech 1, which you kind of know.
  • Client B wants web tech 2 and 3, which you know 2, but not 3.
  • Client C wants web tech 1 and 3.

Well, crap, do you dive more into web tech 1, or start with web tech 3? But wait, they just released a new version of web tech 2...

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Writing errors to the screen in MAMP

Oct.18.2013 | 11:23 am

If you're like me, it takes some time before you explore all the bells and whistles of your software. The reason for this is simply the fact that you have the software for a purpose, you use it for that purpose and you just run with it, rather than fiddling about with it. This is the case with my MAMP install.

Now and then I would be coding something and would forget a semicolon, dollar sign, etc and when I would view the site I was looking at in a browser I would get an annoying blank white screen. 99% of the time, I could find the error by just doing a quick scan of my recent changes. Yesterday, I couldn't. So I had to open up MAMP and look up where the log file was to take a look. Foun...

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